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After sales service

After serive:


It is very important to guarantee the customer satisfactions. Actually we meet a lot of case in our past 10 years business.

Even Review:

--Customer A from Italy: In 2012, we meet a big problem that our mailbox was hacked by someone, they copy a similar mailbox and send email to ask A send our payment to the their personal account. The customer didn’t find the problem and send the payment to the hacker’s account! When we find this problem, 7 days past, so we didn’t get back the payment finally! The value is $80000 dollars.

 Solution: After discuss with our customer, we sent out the BL first. After 14 day, customer come to our company for this problem, we finally get agreement, both of us afford half of the total value. Customer give us 6% more in all the next orders till reach 40000 dollars! We cooperate each other till now.

 --Customer B from India: In 2018, our top shower head meet the problem of leaking. Actually on the inspection before shipment, all the goods is ok, but when the customer get the goods, 60% of the shower head is leakage. The value is 20000 dollars

 Solution: We ask our Engineer together with salesman go to India at once. After inspection, we find the problem that our factory misuse the wrong model silicone oil in the shower head. After 2 months, the wrong silicon oil produce a chemical reaction with the ABS plastic which lead to produce a small cracks on the inner board of shower head. In order to avoid the possible problem on the rest 40% shower head, we finally compensate total 100% goods. Customer try to cut our lost, so take out the brass ball from all the shower head and used in our next orders, and divide the compensation in 3 orders.


We also meet other problem such as make wrong label on box, the color of package is not same completely with the computer design and so on. We also try our best to do come compensation, but the most important is to avoid such problem. So now our inspection is more pefect!