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Life test machine of shower head

On 2020.1.5, our company purchased a "Life test machine of shower head" (hereinafter referred to as "test machine") . This is a strong guarantee for product performance quality. To test products with professional equipment and instruments, make customers rest assured, provide better and more professional services for our customers.

Here is the specific introduction and operation of the test machine:


The introduction of test machine:

1. Station one: Life test of hand shower;

2. Station two: Life test of rainfall shower head ;

3. Station three: Life test of button shower head on the up;

4. Station four: Life test of button shower head on the down.

Reference pictures.


Test for hand shower and rainfall shower head:



Test for button shower head:

    button on the up                            button on the down


The description of test machine :

1. Life test of hand shower: Water is passed during the test, we can set water pressure, opening and closing time, time of testing, the test rotation angle and angular speed.

2. Life test of rainfall shower head : Water is passed during the test, we can set water pressure, opening and closing time, time of testing and test rotation angular speed .

3. Water pressure setting: The water pressure can be set freely from 0.3 to 5 bar during the test, and the pressure can be automatically maintained.



1. Inspect the performance of hand shower, rainfall shower head and button shower head;

2. Inspect the rotation of the joint of the rainfall shower head;

3. Inspect the smoothness of the change of the hand shower and the life of the usage;

4. Inspect the service life of the button usage of the button shower.


1. PLC + touch screen;

2. A cold water tank: built-in inlet float valve, drain valve, overflow pipe, water level device;

3. One stainless steel multi-stage pump;

4. Equipped with frequency converter to adjust water pressure;

5. Frame: The main material is aluminum profile, the sink and other parts in contact with water are brushed stainless steel, and four universal casters are installed at the bottom;

6. Equipped with 2 sets of tooling for life test of hand shower and rainfall shower head.







Water pressure

Dynamic pressure 0.3-5bar, maximum static pressure 10bar


Test times

1-100000 times


Test medium

Cold water at normal temperature



4 stations





Power supply



Equipment material

304 stainless steel






The purchase of this testing machine is not only for inspection of products, the more important is responsible to our customers. Ningbo Huanyu always provides customers high-quality and reliable products.

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